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Host cell wall alterations and modifications in eggplant infected with Verticillium dahliae (with reference to tomato inoculated with Fusarium radicis-lycopersici)
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Various reactions occurring in vasicentric cells in Verticillium -infected eggplants, associated with the presence of opaque matter, are described, in which pronounced differences were noted between cells in the secondary xylem and those in younger tissue. In the first case, in cells usually still containing little altered content, reactions were noticeable as depositions of new wall layers, one lucent and a next one more opaque that were thickened beneath pit membranes of half-bordered pits. In the second instance, in addition to new wall deposits, cells contained large masses or discontinuous bands of cellulose-labelled material that often extended into affected cells. In the extreme situations, these were devoid of content but adjoined other cells still containing not appreciably altered content. The pit membranes in these instances were strikingly altered and distended, in an outer granular portion being strongly labelled for cellulose and an inner portion not so, and appearing as a reticulum of opaque bands. All these alterations were associated with the general presence of large amounts of intercellular matter that often was connected with the opaque lining in the adjoining vessel elements. The importance of these results regarding the mechanics of the disease is highlighted.
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