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Article II

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Host cell reactions in a carnation cultivar (Novada) resistant to infection by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. dianthi race 2 : additions and review
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Complementary to our already published work on this disease, the following is illustrated. Striking distortions and collapse of recently deposited vessel as well as of vasicentric cells occurred in association with pronounced middle lamella alterations, in the immediate presence of F-elements and/or of material containing opaque particles and fine structures that extended from them. Large amounts of fibrillar material, labelling for pectin, occurred in affected and some neighbouring cells; this apparently was the source of similar matter filling some of the vessel elements. As visible reactions to these alterations, new wall layers were deposited in the affected cells, over the often thickened cell wall, and in vessel elements as well. The inner additional wall layers present in adjoining cells were suberized. These observations were interpreted as illustrating hypersensitive type reactions.
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