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Article V

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Can the stuctures called herein Pinhole-like elements (P-elements) be pinpointed as pertaining to the primary causal factors in the pathogenesis of the diseases under study?
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In this article, various situations in the hosts studied are presented showing the relationship between the presence of structures (called P-elements) in host cell walls and of their alterations and/or reactions, as of those occurring in the adjoining cells. Whereas these structures predominate in middle lamellae between cells lacking secondary walls, they are mostly located in pit membranes of paratracheal cells in the secondary xylem. The opaque matter also involved in extensive host tissue invasion likewise contains similar structures. A parallel was noted between the abundance of these structures and the intensity of the alterations observed. The structures in question were observed to be structurally similar to those occurring in nuclei (as shown in article IV).
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