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Article VII

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Opaque matter and P-elements are also associated with cell alterations in proliferating burl tissue in Tillia cvs.
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Large burls, occurring on stems of some Tillia  cvs., were previously shown to be associated with repetitive shoot formation at the base of pruned branches. Fine structures of tissue present as part of proliferating buds on small trees are reported here as providing an interesting parallel with plants affected with wilt diseases. Whereas middle lamellae were often heavily invaded by opaque matter similar to that in these other plants, content of adjoining cells generally appeared to remain relatively intact; some tissue necrosis was noticeable only in the vicinity of visible colonization by fungal elements or, in some cases, of altered small cells adjoining the few small vessel elements present in these cases. It was interesting to note that walls of these vessel elements were lined similarly with opaque matter as in affected elms and that some paratracheal cells reacted by depositing new wall material in a manner similar to that observed in eggplant.
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